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Many companies want the convenience of “Software as a Service” (SaaS) because it means they don’t have to install the software and maintain it.  But many customers also don’t want to be “locked in” forever to a SaaS lease agreement.  They fear that their data is “out there” in the cloud in a domain that they don’t own.  “If I stop paying, I lose all that information."  Companies want their data kept on their own computers.  No problem!  We have created a very unique offering.

Own your System, Own your Data!

You can have the best of both worlds with WrightPlan!  You “own” the software (you have a license in perpetuity) AND you access the system from a browser, just like it was on the cloud!  This means a ton of benefits to you including…

  • No software for you to install, we do it all remotely and look after the health of your system for you!
  • Turnkey – fully operational in hours
  • Web-based – No IT Footprint on users’ computers… all a user needs is an internet browser
  • We configure your system
  • Easy accessibility anywhere, all you need is internet access
  • If you want it in the cloud, simply lease cloud space and we'll install your system there; the difference being that you own the domain and are in control of what happens to your data.
  • We use the most modern, leading edge technology to ensure data integrity and security

Subscribe to Your System!

Some companies want to simply subscribe to WrightPlan. No Problem! For a monthly fee, you can have all of the benefits of WrightPlan. No IT set up, no fuss. 

In the Cloud or on Your Server... Either Way You're in Control!

Call us and we'll send you our technical specifications document.  This will give your IT person the information they need to ensure your server has all the right gear.

Training and Installation

We have a complete implementation plan that includes both remote and onsite training.  Are your people pressed for time?  Then check out our Turn Key Plan.  This plan has our application specialists do all the heavy lifting and set up your system for you, including importing your customers and configuring your custom quote/bid letter.  With very little impact on your time, we'll have your system set up quickly so all you need to do is participate in the training, and take the wheel.  Call us and we can review the plan that's right for you.

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