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If you’ve ever spoken to one of our team members – in person, on the phone, or via email – you’ve likely noticed that we’re a lively bunch. Perhaps you’ve wondered, “Is WrightPlan really just that excited to work with software solutions? Do they drink coffee all day long? I thought software offices were just a bunch of people trapped in cubicles all day.” The truth is that not only do we love what we do – engaging with our clients and making the quoting, scheduling and whole processes pain-free – we also work hard to build and maintain a healthy work environment because our internal atmosphere and the health of our team directly relates to you. Stellar customer service is a great source of pride for us. We’re constantly working towards complete corporate success. And right now that’s easier than ever to do!

Cranes are such a beloved symbol of the construction landscape that it’s hard to believe that only 100 years ago they were predominantly used in the shipping industry. If you’re a history buff you may be tempted to believe that the Industrial Revolution of 1750 through 1900 took cranes under its wing, but it wasn’t until the tail end that cranes took a step toward becoming the engineering marvels we rely on today.

It was a dark and stormy night when a bolt of lightning hit the building and fried the server, paralyzing the entire company from the inside out. The following morning WrightPlan CEO Michael Cox was in his kitchen brewing his first cup of coffee when the phone rang at 6:30 a.m.

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Cranes and rigging have always been a vital part of economic progress. When construction technology consisted of animal and human strength, cranes existed as pulleys and ropes. As crane design advanced so did architectural design and economic strength. For almost two hundred years people have associated the view of cranes in the sky with hope for better times.

Here are three of our favourite reasons to celebrate the mighty crane.

In March our team attended CONEXPO-CON/AGG in Las Vegas to experience immersive field research and customer outreach. The convention featured more than 2500 exhibitors representing every major construction industry, and stretched across 2.5 million square feet. Our goals were to discover what attendees look for from an exhibitor, and learn from convention pros how to connect with prospects at a show of such grand size. 

Up until now, your sales team had to note all of the quote information from the client and pass it all along to your administrator to draft the invoice. Then the administrator had to send copies of those invoices – likely hard copies – to the sales person to review, whom then sent the marked up copies back to the administrator whom then passed the final versions to the bookkeeper to be entered into the accounting system. This process, although standard, isn’t efficient, and it leaves a lot of room for error. There are other things that your administrators and bookkeeper could be working on other than baseline data entry.

If you’re looking for a rigging company that has the resources to move an entire power plant, Omega Riggers and Erectors is up for the job. As the top millwright and machinery moving company for Seattle Metro, they’re known industry-wide for their record of safe and efficient practices. In short, Omega always keeps a diligent focus on quality in everything they do.


Forget the foreman who has to handle multiple subcontractors and trades. With Southwest Industrial Rigging (SWIR), you get  the convenience of a diverse range of services, from their rough terrain cranes to heavy transportation and rigging.

One of the key features we hear that our clients appreciate most about WrightPlan’s software is having the information they need at their fingertips at all times. Whether they’re dispatching heavy machinery to job sites, making last minute scheduling changes, or looking to expedite a quote while working out of town, having that unrestricted access to their operational systems with the full online package WrightPlan offers is a huge industry advantage.

Nabholz began as a small construction company in 1949. Since then, under their commitment to provide innovative service to both clients and communities, Nabholz has built an impeccable reputation as a national multi-service contractor offering a full range of construction, industrial, civil, and environmental services.

From a regional high-tech handling company to a multi-national rigging firm, the needs of our client base are incredibly diverse. Though WrightPlan offers a host of various features, the way each client uses our software is specific to their needs. That’s why we consider it crucial to develop strong one-on-one relationships with every customer.

Over the past 25 years, Evans Industrial Installations Ltd. has grown to become one of the top Industrial Contractors in Canada. Evans Industrial holds a number of associations, and works with in-house experts across a number of fields from millwrighting to rigging to design engineering.

High-quality and professional are two words often associated with Meehan’s Industrial. Founded in Milton in 1980, Meehan’s Industrial has become one of Ontario’s leading millwright and fabrication contractors by offering skilled millwrights, fabricators, designers and engineers and dependable workmanship on complex projects.

One key focus for the WrightPlan team is building strong customer support relationships. That means we’re consistently gathering feedback and releasing innovative features, add ons, and versions of the core software to reflect emergent issues and best practices within the millwrighting, rigging, machinery moving and crane industries.

If you’re looking for a work day distraction, there are (ironically) thousands of theories you can find online about how best to manage your time; and every business owner can tell you how they do it best. At WrightPlan, we’ve built our company on the goal of helping clients optimize their processes, and provide great tools to organize task lists, due dates, and staff time so they can focus on all the things that keep you fulfilled outside of the office. Time management is key for us. We believe you should never feel “too busy” to live your life well.

Lawson Drayage knows a thing or two about machinery and high-tech handling. Started in 1919 with a buckboard and a horse, Lawson’s early days involved bringing fuel up and down San Francisco’s Market Street.

So, you’re integrating online software that will help to streamline your workflow. Good for you! The advantages to you as an employer are numerous. You can now gain total insight into your win rate on bids, your sales pipeline, management of your schedule, and so much more.  But will your employees be as excited about the change?

In April, I travelled to Orlando for the SC&RA annual conference: The Specialized Carriers and Riggers Association. In preparation for the event, I had two great banners designed by a local marketing company that had bright colors and clever copy written to draw people in. At conferences of this magnitude with over 700 attendees, it’s necessary to stand out. So imagine my dismay when I arrived at the sunny location but my banners didn’t.

Trail is a beautiful city in the West Kootenay Region of B.C., and home to Riteway Mechanical Repairs

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