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WrightPlan is an intelligent Quoting, Estimating and Scheduling system that will also help you manage your:


  • Keep track of their skills and when they expire.  This way you’ll know who is qualified to do a job.  
  • Manage dates requested for time off and specify the reason ( i.e. vacation, trade school, sick day)
  • When management approves the vacation request, the employee will be notified
  • Define any private information you want to keep track of and password protect access to it 


  • Plan for inspection and maintenance dates with reminder prior to these dates
  • Assign an operator or driver to equipment, and have them added to the schedule along with the equipment
  • Keep tabs on your equipment

Sales activity and Pipeline

  • Log your activity with a customer
  • Set tasks with due dates
  • Access your task list from any screen
  • Manage the deals you’re working on
  • See the $dollar value of your pipeline


  • Have follow-up activity Categorize your customers so you can create mailing lists. 
  • Look up contact information and tap to dial directly from your phone
  • Import data from databases, including other contact management systems
  • Update and merge information in your contacts

Owner/Operators that use our software see dramatic improvements in their management process and through that increased profits and reduced costs.

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