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No two jobs are ever the same in this industry.  That is why WrightPlan gives you the tools to plan, track & manage all aspects of a job and its costs.

Plan all aspects of your job, such as the crew requirements, the tools and equipment needed, multiple locations, plus requirements that are unique to your company. These unique requirements might be a Job Hazard Analysis, Safety Check List, special customer documentation, reporting requirements, and so on.  You can make WrightPlan mobile and  take all this information on the go.

When you win a quote, WrightPlan will pull in all of the important information so you don't have to re-enter a bunch of data.  WrightPlan sets up the planned costs and creates the budget for your job.

Once you’ve planned your crew, tooling and equipment and the dates on the calendar, you can generate the work instructions and necessary documents for the job.

Time Mangement & Emergency Jobs 

A customer calls urgently with a machine breakdown. To save time and get your people on site as quickly as possible, you can go straight to the schedule and enter the job without having to complete a PO and other administrative information. With WrightPlan you can push back the administrative tasks without pushing back the project. Go back later to fill in the details for billing and other information when you have the time. 

Other elements of the Job Feature:

Job alerts and notifications

Know when a job is created, closed, moved on the schedule or when the status is changed

Field Documents

WrightPlan will generate your field instructions, work reports, and customer signing documents

Job Costing

Know planned versus actual costs


WrightPlan can create an invoice from the billing terms that you've specified in the quote

Create progress billings based on the work you've done within a timeframe 


There are many reasons why WrightPlan is such a powerful yet easy to use solution.

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