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WrightPlan is a solution for the estimator and control for the business manager. 

It provides structure for estimating and at the same time streamlines your quote tracking process. It makes quoting very easy and with our Quick Quotes feature, it gets those small jobs out the door fast!

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WrightPlan guides the estimator through all the key aspects of developing an accurate and competitive quote. And while you're developing your quote, you see the total project costs with a simple click. You can review a summary and drill down into detail. When you're ready to submit it to the customer, WrightPlan will help you produce your quote in a customized template with the right scope and clarifications all in a consistent, standard format. 

  • You can duplicate past quotes as a template for new projects
  • Know your win ratio on quotes
  • Know the dollar value of your quote pipeline  


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WrightPlan's Quoting and Estimating feature also gives you the ability to: 

  • Create estimates that are based on labor rates, equipment rates, travel and material costs, subcontract costs, rental rates, etc. that you set and approve
  • Review change and approve estimates
  • Create flexible markup codes
  • Enter terms of payment, and have this flow through your quote letter
  • Attach and store related documents to the quote
  • Adjust Time & Material or Fixed Bid quotes
  • Save all your quote versions
  • Accurately track quote due dates, estimated start dates, and more
  • Make sure the customer is clear on what you are and are not providing them (scope of work, clarifications & legal disclaimers, terms & conditions) in your quote configurator

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