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The Field Solutions module is a mobile solution for your smartphone.  Have your skilled workers in the field submit timesheets, safety checklists, customer sign offs, and even job site pictures in a timely manner.  This makes everyone’s job easier and supports a more efficient business.  This is what our Field Solutions module does.

Whether you’re online or not, Field Solutions will have the information you need to perform the job and collect the data you need. When you’re back in cell service range, the module automatically submits the data to your WrightPlan system.  It’s that easy.

We’ve also created the ability for you to have customized forms that can be completed right from your phone while you’re still at the job site. Having the ability to submit the job information in real-time gives you the ability to streamline the whole process, while also reducing problems associated with the delay in getting the paperwork to the office.  This not only saves you time but offers a new level of professionalism - so in addition to optimizing your functionality, you’re also reinforcing your brand visibility as an industry leader.
What makes WrightPlan’s Field Solutions distinct is the same thing that characterizes every other service we offer: its features are customized to the specifics needs we know our clients are looking for.

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