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Make your business more competitive! WrightPlan customers have measured 5% margin increases!  By using the WrightPlan solution to improve management decision making capabilities, plus the efficiency improvements mentioned here, a measureable margin increase has been realized by WrightPlan customers.

Be more efficient!

Customers have found that they stop wasting time trying to get the information they need.  Your quotes are in one location instead of quote versions floating around on estimators lap tops.  Site pictures and documents are attached to your quote in WrightPlan.  It’s all there in one place.  Need to access the schedule after hours?  No need to go back to the office.  All of WrightPlan is accessible through your browser.  With WrightPlan it’s at their fingertips and available from anywhere… all you need is internet access.

Improve the overall productivity of estimating!

Most companies are actually entering the same information 3, 4, or 5 times!  Think of the customer name being entered into your quote tracking sheet, then again into the estimate XL file, then again into the quote on a Word document, then again when you create the job!  That’s a lot of duplicate data entry!  That means wasted time and more room for errors.  Customers have found that save so much time here, it more than justifies the investment.

Provide infrastructure for growth!

WrightPlan gives you a proven and repeatable process for running and managing your business.  A huge advantage for our customers has been the fact that WrightPlan has given them a standardized method for estimating, quoting and scheduling.  What happens is that you get your people all working the same way.  This also means new estimators can be taught this standardized method and can be productive within weeks, whereas prior to WrightPlan it might have taken estimators months to become productive.

Improve efficiency in dispatch scheduling!
The challenges of dispatching a crew of skilled millwright labour is quite complex and involves a number of constraints.  With WrightPlan you can see your available labor and equipment, you avoid double booking, and using the Dispatch Communicator, you will save so much time.

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