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WrightPlan Incorporated is in business to develop solutions that address the needs of operating millwright, rigging, machine moving, crane, and custom fabrication companies.  The vision is to develop easy to use, cost effective software that won’t require you to have an IT support person.  Our customers have a business to run and don’t want to become computer technology experts.  Please call us to arrange an on line demonstration and for pricing.

Why WrightPlan?

The owner/operator of a rigging/millwright & fabrication company was finding that as his volume of work grew, it was becoming increasingly difficult to respond quickly to requests for quotations and still have confidence in the accuracy of those estimates.  This became an even greater worry when new estimators joined his company and he added more field employees.  Plus he found his dispatch person was becoming overworked, and when this person took vacation, it was all they could do to keep the spread sheet based schedule from falling apart.

Wanting to find a solution to help him manage quotes and work orders, plus schedule his people and equipment, he went searching for a software program.  He came up empty handed.  Sure, there are lots of packages on the market, (cheap to outrageously expensive) but he found that none of them were specific enough to his needs.

So we created WrightPlan a powerful solution that has taken the worry out of managing his business and given him time to focus on other important issues like managing his customers and fostering growth.  WrightPlan has been a key part of his ability to grow his business from just a few good men to an industry leader.

WrightPlan Incorporated has filed a patent for its software solution.

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